Become a Reseller

Do you want to become an authorized dealer/reseller of Cosmos Co products like high quality argan oil, barbary fig oil - Opuntia Ficus-Indica seed Oil or the popular Moroccan French Green Clay then please contact us at

Please note that we are particular in our selections of dealers/resellers in order for us to secure the best possible customer care. It is benefitial for the clients, you and us as a wholesale company.

So we need info about your company and where the products will be sold.

Do you want to be distributor of Cosmos Co then please feel free to contact us at Please write "Enquiries about Distribution" in the headline.

Below is information about all our distributors and their contact data. If possible then please contact the distributor in your country. They will take good care of your enquiries and together you can try to reach a workable solution.

Company Details

Cosmos Co Europe
c/o ZZ Distribution
Anschar Str 9
24534 Neum√ľnster