About Us

The idea behind Cosmos Co came in the early summer in 2012. But due to quality problems and other things the projects was delayed a lot. Actually was it first in the end of 2013 that we worked focused on with it. And in March/April 2013 was the products released for sale for the first time.

The idea behind the brand is quite simple. We wanted to make a brand made of 100% pure nature commodities. Without additives or other bad chemistry stuff. It should be available at a workable price and our partners in specially Morocco and North Africa should get a fair price.

The result of all this is Cosmos Co. A brand with pure cosmetic products that makes your life better and healthier. We also take our local responsibility and help our suppliers so they get fair prices and a better life. We do that through higher prices than our competitors and through local investments.

Cosmos Co is based in Germany where the sales team and headquarter is located and the brand is sold all over Europe. We choose our retailers/dealers very carefully as we only wants the best and most service minded dealers so you as customer can get advices and a good experience. Knowhow about the products is very important and we want dealers who have the same passion as we have!

We have a wide product line from argan oil to green clay. Each product is specially chosen or developed to our target group. Of cause with the best commodities and with knowledge and knowhow.

Cosmos Cos product line will grow in the future and we have already a lot of new products in the pipeline so follow us on Facebook or G+ if you want the news before everyone else.

Cosmos Co is passion and knowhow made of PURE NATURE GOLD!